Dubrovnik Walking Tour

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Dubrovnik Walking Tour is the best introduction to this unique town. The tour will reveal the most famous attractions of the town, some historical facts, legends and curiosities, suggestions on what to do, where to go, hidden highlights...and so much more.

If you do not prefer too much talking on a tour, but still opt for a detailed and thorough tour, then this is the perfect tour to book.

This tip-based walking tour will take only 1,5 hrs of your time, and is set to a place and exact time, however, you are always welcome to contact us and we will tailor it to your needs and preferences. The tour will be charged based on valid price list.

The best thing about the tour is that if you are satisfied after taking this tour, you are most welcome to tip your guide, however, we will never ask for it. In any case, your expert local guide will impress you with knowledge and enthusiasm and ensure you fully enjoy the tour and  this fascinating town 

Program (1h 45min)

Additional info: Our sightseeing tour involves some walking, but nothing that cannot be handled as there will be no steps or obstacles. Choose lightweight gear that works equally well in changing weather conditions (Check the weather before you heads out for the tour. Also, don't forget to have some water with you and a hat to protect from heavy sun rays:)

Tour Includes: Lovrijenac Fortress. Minčeta Fortress, Pile Entrance, Saint Savior Church, Onofrio Fountains, Stradun (Placa) promenade, Franciscan Monastery, Orthodox Church, Jesuit Steps, Rectors Palace, Cathedral, Old Harbor, Revelin Fortress, Orlando Column, Sponza Palace, Minor Brothers Church and much more. Please be aware that entrance into the majority of these attractions is not included in this tour, due to the nature of this being a free tour, but your guide will reveal some extra stories on the town, and tell you lots of legends, so we are sure you will benefit so much from this tour.

Meeting point: Pile Gate, the entrance to Old City. Behind the "Amerling fountain" or in front of "Nautika" restaurant. 



Deolisano Fraga – 21 listopada 2023:


Ruth Bull – 29 rujna 2023:

Thank you

Steph Vokel – 25 rujna 2023:

Marko kommt aus Dubrovnik und ist durch seine Familie in Geschichte und lokalen Begebenheiten gut informiert. Er vermittelt auf witzige leichte Art die Geschichte der Stadt. Sehr unterhaltsam und informativ. Unbedingt machen.

Gariful Menes – 25 rujna 2023:

Very good and funny Tour

Jeanne Nelaon – 25 rujna 2023:

We received a tip from some Aussies and want to thank them so much! They told us to get on Marco’s tour and it was the best!! A perfect tour for our short time here in Dubrovnik.

Gian Liem – 25 rujna 2023:

Lots of historical information combined with day to day information about how it feels to live in Dubrovnik. Furthermore, it was all told with a smart touch of humour and an open minded way.

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